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We are the RO membrane distributor for ZhongFu Water Tech Inc, the catalogue is here (click), the comparision is here (click). Our price is 1/3 lower than our competitors.

Cubic shape distilling system

This is useful to allocated at where the room space is tight.  5 gal /day square shape distiller.

Multi effect distillation 

The principle of our product.

 Cylindrical distiller installation

100 gal /day cylinder shape.

We will help to decide the best distiller for you

Cylindrical distiller working principle.

Carbon foam enhanced condenser

Carbon foam enhanced condenser to cool electronic devices.

Air cooling enhancement

We developed very high air cooling heat transfer coefficient >4000 W/m^2.K cooling device with ~5 m/s frontal air speed.

We are also the southeast area distributor for Fluidexponents Inc (click). The full catalog can be seen at here (click). Our goal includes conservation, recycling, reuse, and recovery for betterment of the environment. Our products are water and wastewater treatment system from personal and residential products, to commercial and industrial applications.

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