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We are the southeast area distributor of Fluidexponents Inc (click). The full catalog can be seen at here (click). Our services includes design, evaluation, repair and installment of our water and wastewater treatment products from personal and residential products, to commercial and industrial applications.

Distillation system 

We can design it better

High heat flux cooling systems

We design the best distilling system with the best performance cooling, optimize the whole system to realize energy-saving and eco-friendly design/products for industrial partners.


Special design for energy-saving system | design for energy-saving house | design for eco-friendly products | waste heat utilization for agriculture breeding | design porous surfaces with vapor channels for maximum boiling/condensation | carbon foam structure design | design HVAC system and control | thermal system field test and measurement 

We are committed to our customers with excellence and professional service and consumer satisfaction. With our high quality of technical service and professional operation, we work very hard to create prosperous future for clients.

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